The 10 Best Casting Rods for Any Situation

When you’re picking out a new rod, the rod must match whatever reel you have or plan to buy. A casting rod matches up with a baitcasting reel, and a spinning rod matches up with a spinning reel.

The 10 Best Fly Rods for Every Situation

As a beginner, you don’t want to spend too much money for your initial rod, but you also need something that will get the job done.

The 5 Best Telescopic Fishing Rods

The primary purpose of a telescopic rod is portability. A telescopic rod works like a telescope, which when collapsed is small and easy to carry around but provides the necessary length when extended.

The Ultimate Guide to The Different Types Fishing Rods

When it comes to price, there’s a big difference between a cheap rod and an expensive rod. However, there is much less of a difference between a medium-priced rod, and a high-priced rod, so you don’t need to break the bank to find a high-quality rod that will have you fishing for years to come.

The 7 Best Saltwater Fishing Reels

The best-rated saltwater spinning reels can cost well over $1000, so if you’re a serious saltwater angler, you’re going to have to spend a pretty penny for the cream of the crop.

Best Spincast Reels

Below we’ll look at the 7 best spincast reels you should consider adding to your gear set. When researching spincast reels, there are a few main features to pay attention to gear ratio, ball bearings, and drag system.

Best Spinning Reels

Spinning reels are by far the most popular style of reel on the water today, and for good reason. New technology has allowed the spinning reel to evolve and erase many drawbacks of the past

Best Baitcasting Reels

If you’re reading this article, you likely already know the advantages a baitcasting reel has over its spinning brethren. While spinning reels are being sported by every Tom, Dick, and Harry out on the water, true anglers understand the potential waiting to be unlocked in a baitcasting reel. Below, we’ll look at the best baitcasting rod for every situation imaginable.

The Ultimate Guide to Different Types of Fishing Reels

The ever-evolving world of fishing reels is fascinating to monitor, as new technology brings innovative surprises in all different types of fishing reels.

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